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How to wear Ruffles. Spring/Summer key-trend .

SS-16 Catwalks

Frills in all their fancy where in abundance on the spring/summer catwalks. They came flouncing on sleeves ,bouncing on hemlines across bodice ruffles ,all with triumphant effect.

How to wear frills/ruffles

To avoid looking too sickly sweet or over the top ,DON’T go all out frills head to toe . This look could be reminiscent of your child hood in your best party frock.Get a more subtle look with a yoke blouse or ruffle trim shirt (try our Betty Blouse ) ,team with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Or tuck a frilled shirt into a high waisted pencil skirt (Annia ruffle blouse works well for this look )    http://candvboutique.co.uk/annia-ruffle-blouse-46-p.asp#

Retro Betty dress
candvboutique.co.uk/betty dress


Flamenco Frills

There are pieces out there that really make a statement. Flamenco frills featured on the runway shows of Alexander McQueen ,Balmain ,and Balenciaga. High necked bodice silhouette with full length skirts and ra-ra layered ruffles.

Get the look rara ruffles

For me I love the delicate structure of the ruffle.It adds a touch of femininity and glamour to my wardrobe. How do you like to wear this seasons key-trends . Have you got a favourite ruffle dress ?

Know Your Body Shape

Tips and tricks to dress for your shape.

Do you struggle to accentuate your waist ? Need to add height to your small stature ? Are your shoulders wider than your hips ?

We are all your unique in shape,just as we are in personality. Getting your clothes to work for you is all about knowing your body shape’s proportions.Fashion is all about finding the right shapes that fit those proportions well.

Key body shapes
Key body shapes

Here is a quick guide to the Key Body shapes and finding fashion that flatters your shape.

How to find your body shape.

Measure yourself around.
a) your shoulders ,b) your bust, c) your waist ,d) your hips

Now you have your measurements you can determine your own body shape.

The Principal Body shapes are .

  • pear
  • hourglass
  • inverted triangle (top heavy)
  • rectangle (straight up and down)

The Pear

Your hips are wider than your shoulders 
Best asset :Statistically pears have flatter Tums than most.
What to wear:
A fit and flare dress,will show off how little you are on top and be roomier from the waist down for your curvier bottom half.

Celeb Pears include
Beyonce ,Shakira,Kim Kardashian.


Your shoulders and hips are around the same size, with a very defined waist.
Best asset : Their waist
What to wear :
Choose anything which draws the eye to the waist. A pair of High waisted jeans. A wiggle dress will really accentuate an hourglass figure.

Celeb Hourglasses include
Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansen

Inverted triangle

Your shoulders or bust are larger than your hips.
Best asset : The chest area
What to wear :
Fitted jackets with nipped in waist and flared bottom look great. They define the waist and flare over hips to create the illusion of lower body curves and will help balance out your broad shoulders.

Celeb Inverted triangles include
Angelina Jolie and Naomi Campbell

The Rectangle

Your shoulders bust and hips are around the same size.With no defined waistline.
Best asset : Height rectangles tend to be statistically taller.
What to wear :
Try to broaden the shoulders and hips and taper in the waist with an A line skirt or a 50’s fit and flare circle skirt.

Celeb Rectangles include
Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss.

Do you dress for your body type ? Let me know in the comments below !

Which Celeb is the same body shape as you ?
Which Celeb is the same body shape as you ?

New DESIGNS,Lilody Wrap Dress

Christmas is over and I have begun 2016 working on some new designs.

My design process begins with a few ideas being sketched with notes added of inspiration along side. I then  begin patterns and try out my designs . I will alter my design sometimes as I’m working if I feel for example hemline should be shorter than my original sketch.

This week I have been working on The Lilody wrap dress,Named after my nieces Lila and Elody . As always vintage inspired the dress has large wrap around sash tie ,feature sleeves and gathered skirt. It still needs a few alterations before I’m completely happy with it but its not far from complete.

It will then be available to order from my website and my ETSY store . In a range of Vintage fabrics and new fabrics designed by myself and exclusive to C&V collections.

Expect Lots more to come from C&V Boutique this year.New Designs ,focusing on our own label CoCo & VeVe.

Lilody Wrap Dress


Great to Meet Elene from Preloved Chica

Early in December I met Elene Marsden at The Little Vintage Fair Based in Waterloo.

Elene runs a YouTube channel called Pre-loved Chica.  The channel focuses on vintage clothing ,charity shop finds and anyone out there who has a passion for creativity and design.

I agreed to do a web chat with Elene for her channel . Being in front of the camera is not something I usually do. However I decided to go for it.

We had a brief chat before going Live on air . I was  nervous , but Elene’s questions really gave me direction and as the interview went along I began to relax and focus. Elene asked about my favourite outfits,where I sourced my fabrics and where I see myself in 12 months time. The latter question really gave me food for thought as I had not really sat down took a breath and thought about how the next 12 months would progress. After we had finished the interview I took some time to focus on where was I going ? How do I want to move forward with the next year. I have to say I’m really excited to see How C&V progresses in 2016 .Elene’s questions really helped me focus on where I’m going.

If you would like to see more of PreLoved Chica take a look at