History of the iconic Wrap Dress

Stood the test of time

In today’s contemporary world of fast fashion, it’s rare that a style or silhouette will stay on trend for very long. For any silhouette to stand the test of time, especially in this current, fast-paced industry is quite a feat, and few come to mind. However, there are a few iconic exceptions, one of which is the timeless wrap dress.

While the wrap dress is of course linked with Diane Von Furstenberg and the 1970’s, this particular silhouette was around for several decades prior, and continues to be a staple in every modern day woman’s wardrobe.

The Wrap dress is born.

So how did the wrap dress come about; and how did it manage to not only stand the test of time, but also ever-changing world of fast fashion?

vintage wrap dress pattern


 The wrap dress first emerged in the 1930’s designer Charles James was taking the fashion world by storm with his designs he looked upon his dresses as works of art, as did many of his customers. Elsa Schiaparelli also designed several wrap dresses during the 1930’s. By the 40’s Clare McCardell ‘s version the “pop over dress” gained popularity. The dress was Clare’s adaptation to the lifestyle of women during World War II.

 Moving forward 30years to early 1970’s a young Diane Von Furstenberg had arrived in the US .She brought with her a suitcase full of dresses she had created while working at an Italian Mill owned by friend Angelo Ferretti. The simple wrap dress was hardly considered by Von Furstenberg a fashion revelation just a little something she would sell in the US.

While Diane Von Furstenberg did not invent the silhouette she certainly perfected it. Her version is an iconic design in fashion history.

DVF wrap dressLilody wrap dress

Above left iconic DVF modern wrap dress. Above right CoCo & VeVe Lilody Wrap .


The wrap dress not only fits the body well. It fits perfectly to the lifestyle of the modern woman. It combines beauty and practicality, which is more important than ever in the busy fashion world. An ultimate staple likely to feature on runways and grace wardrobes for many years to come.

I love the silhouette of the wrap it features in a number of my designs. What is your favourite dress style !



Summer holiday Beach Bag edit.

Bags for the Beach

Summer is just around the corner and there is some beautiful straw beach bags out there !

When choosing your  summer  bag use these 3 handy tips.

  1. Function:  Will it fit all my beach essentials ?
  2. Style : Do you want a back-pack or tote ?
  3. Colour : Do you choose neutral tones to co-ordinate with all looks or go for a pop of colour that really makes a statement ?

I always like a bag that I can use for the beach ,but is also suitable for sight seeing and shopping.

Here is a few of my favourite bags for this summer.


P00170904Frill straw beach tote

Above left  SAINT LAURENT fringe beach tote

Above right http://www.candvboutique.co.uk/tassel-fringe-summer-beach-tote-263-p.asp


Above left SOPHIE ANDERSON beach tote

.Above right http://www.co.uk/handmade-straw-woven-bag-265-p.asp

If you like something smaller and pack light for holidays try our gorgeous frilly clutches in vibrant colours . http://www.candvboutique.co.uk/frilly-straw-hot-pink-clutch-305-p.asp. Handmade in Bali and exclusive to C&V in the UK.



Southport Fashion Show 2016

We had a fabulous day on Sunday at Southport Fashion Show !

The day was organised by GModels and Casting director Lisa Hames . The Venue Southport Theatre and Convention centre.

There was a really buzz about the venue with pop up boutiques from women’s fashions ,bridal boutiques, children’s wear and beauty bars.

CoCo & VeVe had a stand next to MAYA .

MAYA is an amazing hair product made with 12 natural oils to find out more visit becomeMAYA  on instagram.

We enjoyed the day soaking up the atmosphere chatting to customers and being entertained by vocalist and dancing in between the catwalk shows.

Our Runway show was at 1.45pm and was hosted by Claire Simmo . The GModels and Miss Southport Brea did a great job on the catwalk wearing our designs  .

Thanks to Andy Forster Photography

Looking forward to the next Southport Fashion Show !Tallulah Dress ,Photography Andy ForsterCoCo & VeVe Southport Fashion2016-25-4--12-25-05 coco dress

Lord Mayor of Liverpool Charity Fashion Show

We had a fabulous evening yesterday at The Lord Mayor of Liverpool annual Charity Fashion show.

The venue was dressed in white with pink,black and white feather accents.LM liverpool fashion

Doors opened at 6pm and  guests where invited to browse the pop up shops and had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets ,with all money raised on the night going to The Lord Mayors chosen charity’s, Alder Hey Ronald MacDonald House, KIND and Lister Steps.


Everyone took their seats at 6.30pm for the fashion show ,hosted by Reese Ryan and directed by Amanda Moss pr.

Karen Gold of London took to the runway first with an opulent collection  featuring luxe velvets and pearls.

Sofia Spencer sung and entertained with her fabulous voice in between designers.

C&V where up 4th .We showcased a collection of 15 looks from our new look label CoCo & VeVe to a receptive audience.

The show came to a close with talented local students from Holly Lodge and Liverpool College exhibiting their hat designs and garments based on “take a selfie”. !

C&V at March Ladies Who Lunch Liverpool

CoCo & VeVe Collection2016-03-04 15.48.482016-03-04 17.47.49CoCo & VeVe2016-03-04 17.47.01Raquet Club Liverpool


Just A few pictures from our recent event hosted by My Liverpool Life .

The Location was The Raquet Club , Chapel Lane Liverpool. Guests enjoyed a champagne reception ,followed by a 3 course lunch.

C&V launched our new look label CoCo & VeVe ,the models hit the runway wearing our new designs.

A charity raffle was drawn in aid of the James Bulger Memorial trust . Guests where also treated to live acoustics by Clare and an after party at Circo.

How to wear Ruffles. Spring/Summer key-trend .

SS-16 Catwalks

Frills in all their fancy where in abundance on the spring/summer catwalks. They came flouncing on sleeves ,bouncing on hemlines across bodice ruffles ,all with triumphant effect.

How to wear frills/ruffles

To avoid looking too sickly sweet or over the top ,DON’T go all out frills head to toe . This look could be reminiscent of your child hood in your best party frock.Get a more subtle look with a yoke blouse or ruffle trim shirt (try our Betty Blouse ) ,team with a pair of boyfriend jeans. Or tuck a frilled shirt into a high waisted pencil skirt (Annia ruffle blouse works well for this look )    http://candvboutique.co.uk/annia-ruffle-blouse-46-p.asp#

Retro Betty dress
candvboutique.co.uk/betty dress


Flamenco Frills

There are pieces out there that really make a statement. Flamenco frills featured on the runway shows of Alexander McQueen ,Balmain ,and Balenciaga. High necked bodice silhouette with full length skirts and ra-ra layered ruffles.

Get the look rara ruffles

For me I love the delicate structure of the ruffle.It adds a touch of femininity and glamour to my wardrobe. How do you like to wear this seasons key-trends . Have you got a favourite ruffle dress ?

Where to shop Vintage Fashion in Liverpool

Liverpool has some great independent vintage boutiques  .

Here is a few hidden gems I love to shop in .

The Vintage Corner

A visit to the Vintage Corner based in Waterloo is a must.

Run by friends Alison and Cheryl ,you are greeted with an array of women’s vintage fashions. They always have a great choice of retro fashions and their style is very distinctive.

The Shop itself transports you back to the 60’s/70’s with its bold pops of colour on the walls ,funky furniture and a really relaxed vibe.

Alison and Cheryl are always on hand to style you and give advice on colours and shapes to suit your shape.

They also stock a Voluptuous Vintage range ,catering for sizes up to 18 (for the more curvier lady).

Prices are very reasonable and you can purchase a dress for as little as £30


.Keep an eye out for their flash sales with bargains from £5 !

Inside "The Vintage Corner Liverpool"
Inside “The Vintage Corner Liverpool”

Links :

The Vintage Corner ,61 St John road,Waterloo, Liverpool ,L22 9QB

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TheVintageCorner.Liverpool

 Twitter     : http://www.twitter.com/@TVCgirls

The Vintage Corner Bold pops of colour on the walls and a real relaxed vibe.
The Vintage Corner
“Bold pops of colour on the walls and a real relaxed vibe.”

Mary Jones Vintage & Glamour

Julia Jones is the owner at Mary Jones Vintage & Glamour.
A hidden gem based in Ainsdale Village,Southport.

As you step into the show room you are taken back in time to an era of grandeur

You can view the collection by appointment .Either for a private visit or organise a few friends and have a vintage tea party.(The showroom is open at weekends occasionally please contact Julia for days and times).

Julie has a eye for exquisite high end vintage,Beautifully beaded 1920’s smocks to 1950’s original tea dresses.All in excellent condition. She also has a huge collection of Vintage hats including “Dior” (Julia prides herself on her magnificent collection ).

Their is even something for the men with her” Rotters Gentlemen Collection”.

Dresses ,tops & Accessories for that special occasion visit:

Mary Jones Vintage & Glamour                           

660 Liverpool rd. Ainsdale , Southport, PR8 3LT

website : http://www.maryjonesvintage.co.uk

e-mail  : maryjonesvintage@me.com

Mary Jones vintage and glamour hats
Mary Jones Vintage Hats on Display

Mary jones vintage and Glamour Dresses
Mary Jones original Vintage Tea dress


   Buntys Vintage

To Accessories your vintage look you need the jewellery too . Right!

Buntys vintage has a small collection at The Vintage Corner in Waterloo and is available direct on social media.

Facebook : http://www.facbook.com/buntys.vintage    

Twitter :   http://www.twitter.com/@buntysvintage

More places to shop vintage.

Susan Hayward Vintage
11 Hill street ,Southport,PR9 0NW
PillBox Vintage
Last Sunday of the month at leaf on Bold Street, Liverpool.
A small intimate event with a good selection of vintage traders.

Where do you love to shop vintage ? Please leave your comments below.


Know Your Fabrics !

A Guide to cotton,wool,silk ,polyester and viscose.

Not knowing the properties of different types of fabric can make it hard to take those details into account when shopping on-line.

Getting to know a few of the more popular types of fabric can help you make educated choices and care better for your clothes.

There are many different kinds of fabrics especially when you start mixing and blending

I’m going to focus on the key/main fabrics. Cotton,wool,silk (made with natural fibres) and polyester and viscose which are man-made fabrics (have synthetic fibres).


Cotton is soft and comfortable to wear. It’s best property is its ability to breathe
absorbing and releasing perspiration quickly. Its a high quality fabric,can with stand heat and last well. Unfortunately cotton wrinkles and must be ironed regularly.
Betty dress in liberty brights

I use Liberty tana lawn cotton for the Betty Dress . Tana lawn cotton is the most superior cotton and feels silky soft to touch.

How to wash cotton

Cotton is relatively low maintenance and can be washed in a washing machine and can be ironed with a hot iron.



Wool comes from a variety of animal coats. Wool fabrics are generally used for winter clothing.
Not all wools are scratchy to wear ,cashmere is extremely soft to touch .
Wool blends tend to be easier to care for.
Wool is a luxury fabric . It is resilient it will return to its original condition after being stretched or creased and is pretty resistant to dirt,wear and tear.


How to wash 

Don’t wash wool to often! Washing wool too frequently can wear out the fabric .When you need to wash wool put it on a delicate setting and do not rub . Wool should never be put in the dryer. Suiting and coats made from wool usually require dry cleaning

Vintage cream wool suit.


Is a natural fabric made from the fibres of the cocoon of the Chinese
silk-worm. It is spun into a smooth shiny and sleek fabric.Silk absorbs moisture,which makes it cool in the summer.It has a high level of absorbency that means it can be dyed many different colours .Silk retains its shape,drapes well and is a luxury fabric.

How to wash

Silk is a delicate fabric and can be difficult to clean . Dry clean is preferred or hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent.Air dry flat.


Polyester fabrics have a reasonably nice feel. It is strong and resistant to  creasing,thus polyester garments keep their shape well.
You will often find poly/cotton blends ,to help the cotton keep its shape
and prevent from wrinkling.

How to wash

Polyester is machine washable. It usually does not require ironing ,but you can use an iron on a low heat if need be .Do not use a hot setting as polyester can scorch.


Viscose fibre is made from purified cellulose.It is produced from
processed wood pulp. Viscose is versatile and blends well with other
fibres . It is easily dyed and retains vivid colours particularly well .It is
renowned for its silk like lustre ,appealing drape and softness.
Down side of viscose is, it wrinkles.

How to wash

Machine wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash in cool water.


I use a variety of fabrics for CoCo & VeVe designs. I like to work with Vintage fabrics ,cotton prints and luxury fabrics with good drape.

All C&V garments will arrive with care advice and fabric composition.

Please comment below about your favourite garments what they are made of and why you love to wear them !


Know Your Body Shape

Tips and tricks to dress for your shape.

Do you struggle to accentuate your waist ? Need to add height to your small stature ? Are your shoulders wider than your hips ?

We are all your unique in shape,just as we are in personality. Getting your clothes to work for you is all about knowing your body shape’s proportions.Fashion is all about finding the right shapes that fit those proportions well.

Key body shapes
Key body shapes

Here is a quick guide to the Key Body shapes and finding fashion that flatters your shape.

How to find your body shape.

Measure yourself around.
a) your shoulders ,b) your bust, c) your waist ,d) your hips

Now you have your measurements you can determine your own body shape.

The Principal Body shapes are .

  • pear
  • hourglass
  • inverted triangle (top heavy)
  • rectangle (straight up and down)

The Pear

Your hips are wider than your shoulders 
Best asset :Statistically pears have flatter Tums than most.
What to wear:
A fit and flare dress,will show off how little you are on top and be roomier from the waist down for your curvier bottom half.

Celeb Pears include
Beyonce ,Shakira,Kim Kardashian.


Your shoulders and hips are around the same size, with a very defined waist.
Best asset : Their waist
What to wear :
Choose anything which draws the eye to the waist. A pair of High waisted jeans. A wiggle dress will really accentuate an hourglass figure.

Celeb Hourglasses include
Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansen

Inverted triangle

Your shoulders or bust are larger than your hips.
Best asset : The chest area
What to wear :
Fitted jackets with nipped in waist and flared bottom look great. They define the waist and flare over hips to create the illusion of lower body curves and will help balance out your broad shoulders.

Celeb Inverted triangles include
Angelina Jolie and Naomi Campbell

The Rectangle

Your shoulders bust and hips are around the same size.With no defined waistline.
Best asset : Height rectangles tend to be statistically taller.
What to wear :
Try to broaden the shoulders and hips and taper in the waist with an A line skirt or a 50’s fit and flare circle skirt.

Celeb Rectangles include
Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss.

Do you dress for your body type ? Let me know in the comments below !

Which Celeb is the same body shape as you ?
Which Celeb is the same body shape as you ?