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Shout out Friday British Made Fashion accessories brands.

This Weeks shout goes to just a few of my favourite British made fashion accessories brands.

The shoe by JOSEPH AZAGURY Candy Pink suede mule


The trouser by CoCo VeVe

Born from the fashion industry Seams Beauty Hand Cream was created for couturiers and seamstresses to help mend, moisturise and soothe dry pin-pricked hands.

The PJ’s by British Boxers

The Hat by Chloe Haywood London

The dress by CoCo VeVe

You can discover more about these British made products on the Make it British website. All of the designers and creators behind the brands can give you a true in sight into how their products are made , where they source their materials and who made them .


Know Your Fabrics !

A Guide to cotton,wool,silk ,polyester and viscose.

Not knowing the properties of different types of fabric can make it hard to take those details into account when shopping on-line.

Getting to know a few of the more popular types of fabric can help you make educated choices and care better for your clothes.

There are many different kinds of fabrics especially when you start mixing and blending

I’m going to focus on the key/main fabrics. Cotton,wool,silk (made with natural fibres) and polyester and viscose which are man-made fabrics (have synthetic fibres).


Cotton is soft and comfortable to wear. It’s best property is its ability to breathe
absorbing and releasing perspiration quickly. Its a high quality fabric,can with stand heat and last well. Unfortunately cotton wrinkles and must be ironed regularly.
Betty dress in liberty brights

I use Liberty tana lawn cotton for the Betty Dress . Tana lawn cotton is the most superior cotton and feels silky soft to touch.

How to wash cotton

Cotton is relatively low maintenance and can be washed in a washing machine and can be ironed with a hot iron.



Wool comes from a variety of animal coats. Wool fabrics are generally used for winter clothing.
Not all wools are scratchy to wear ,cashmere is extremely soft to touch .
Wool blends tend to be easier to care for.
Wool is a luxury fabric . It is resilient it will return to its original condition after being stretched or creased and is pretty resistant to dirt,wear and tear.


How to wash 

Don’t wash wool to often! Washing wool too frequently can wear out the fabric .When you need to wash wool put it on a delicate setting and do not rub . Wool should never be put in the dryer. Suiting and coats made from wool usually require dry cleaning

Vintage cream wool suit.


Is a natural fabric made from the fibres of the cocoon of the Chinese
silk-worm. It is spun into a smooth shiny and sleek fabric.Silk absorbs moisture,which makes it cool in the summer.It has a high level of absorbency that means it can be dyed many different colours .Silk retains its shape,drapes well and is a luxury fabric.

How to wash

Silk is a delicate fabric and can be difficult to clean . Dry clean is preferred or hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent.Air dry flat.


Polyester fabrics have a reasonably nice feel. It is strong and resistant to  creasing,thus polyester garments keep their shape well.
You will often find poly/cotton blends ,to help the cotton keep its shape
and prevent from wrinkling.

How to wash

Polyester is machine washable. It usually does not require ironing ,but you can use an iron on a low heat if need be .Do not use a hot setting as polyester can scorch.


Viscose fibre is made from purified cellulose.It is produced from
processed wood pulp. Viscose is versatile and blends well with other
fibres . It is easily dyed and retains vivid colours particularly well .It is
renowned for its silk like lustre ,appealing drape and softness.
Down side of viscose is, it wrinkles.

How to wash

Machine wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash in cool water.


I use a variety of fabrics for CoCo & VeVe designs. I like to work with Vintage fabrics ,cotton prints and luxury fabrics with good drape.

All C&V garments will arrive with care advice and fabric composition.

Please comment below about your favourite garments what they are made of and why you love to wear them !