Summer is here, Wedding and garden party season is well under way.

A popular feminine look at this time of year is the Halter dress, but where did it originate from and what exactly is a “Halter”?

Halterneck is a style of women’s clothing strap that runs from the front of the garment around the back of the neck, and leaving most of the back uncovered.
A halter dress typically describes a backless dress that is secured at the back of the neck and the waistline. This type of dress is usually worn as summer clothing or evening wear. Halter dresses can be purchased in varying lengths including mini, tea, and floor length. A mini halter dress is typically considered a dress with a hemline that is well above the knee, while a tea length dress describes a dress that just touches the knee.

the most famous halter dress in history is probably the one worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1955, while standing on a subway grate in The Seven Year Itch, when the breeze from a passing train blows the skirt up and exposes her legs . The dress was designed by Bill Travilla, Monroe’s exclusive costume designer, who described it as the favourite creation of his career. It certainly held its value !                                                                                        marylin-monroe

Examples of Halter Dress
Brandon Maxwell New York based Stylist and Clothing Designer Creates High end fashion his Bow Back Halter gown in subtle light pink oozes class and sophistication.                                                                                          Brandon Maxwell bow back halter gown

Our Hatty halter oozes style worn with our pearl skirt. Thanks @Leigh Elliot Photography for image.
Hatty halter CoCo&VeVe

VeVe DressVeVe Dress has VaVa voomSofia by CoCo & VeVe (2)

I think the Halter has so many different looks and creates  real show stopping style.                                     What’s your fave halter dress. ?

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